Studio Oliver Gustav

At Studio Oliver Gustav we offer unique and limited edition furniture, sculptures, linen, scents and storage objects, that exude a dramatic, yet inviting, atmosphere. Contrasting the stark with the exquisite, we offer objects, both aesthetic and functional, that will elevate any room. Taking inspiration from chiaroscuro, modern minimalism and grand antiquity, we aspire to create a timeless and beautifully honest simplicity, that is both eye-catching and serene.

Objects & Furniture

Objects & Furniture displays exclusive and sculptures and furniture, that are both functional and striking. The objects often combine bold geometric shapes with stark colors, that draws the eye in and captures your imagination. Others are shaped softly and minimalistic or engages your curiosity, such as a staircase to nowhere. The materials have all been carefully chosen for their tactile and visual expression.

Cushions and blankets

Cushions and blankets offers pillow cases, plaids and other linen from the renowned Society Limonta. The company has specialized in refined textiles with an understated and non-conventional vision of luxury. All their linen has a high thread count and are produced using a unique dying process. This insures that their products are incomparably beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

You are also more than welcome to explore our Limited Cushions by Oliver Gustav. In this collection you’ll find pillows handmade from Italy in soft lamb and calfskin - carefully selected by Oliver himself.

Mad et Len

Mad et Len produces exclusive and subtle scents, employing a variety of tones from nature. Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut have since 2007 developed this singular and magnificent symphony of balanced scents, all originating from natural materials, such as wood, leather, white tea and the forest floor. Their scented candles and scented stones imbues a serene and earthly touch to any home. Their perfumes can be used by all genders.

Michaël Verheyden

Michaël Verheyden employs a mixture of traditional and modern materials such as suede, concrete, alabaster and marble to create a unique balance of expression between classical antiquity and modern minimalism. His suede boxes and furniture are simple and elegant in design, putting a greater emphasis on their playful and strong color schemes, such as red-colored leather or pink suede. His vases, trays and jars are, on the other hand, are often subdued in color, but bold in material and shape.

The boutique is curated by Oliver Gustav, who is a creative consultant. He has hand-picked products and objects drawing on his in-depth expertise in art history, knowledge of materials and a trained eye for bold simplicity.


All orders placed post December 21st won't be processed until January 2nd. Merry Christmas & happy New Year.