Studio Oliver Gustav

5 Steps of Interior Design in 2019

Oliver Gustav is a creative consultant focusing on aesthetic development, art, interior, and exterior designs. With his showroom located in Copenhagen, Oliver Gustav has created himself a very interesting and timeless luxury brand. His brand ranges from custom-made objects and furniture, cushions and blankets to a body and mind product line.

Written by OLIVER GUSTAV — April 03, 2019

Guide: 6 tips for creating the best interior design portfolio

Whether you are a student, a professional interior designer, or a creative soul with a passion for decoration, you should create an interior design portfolio. An interior design portfolio is a collection of the work that you are most proud of. The portfolio provides potential clients and employers with insights into your way of working.

Written by OLIVER GUSTAV — June 11, 2018

The chinese chair: Images of chairs we love

Oliver Gustav shares advice on the great furniture of old China - illustrated with standout pictures and products from our very own catalogue. Furthermore you get advice on the best home decorating interior design from ancient times

Written by OLIVER GUSTAV — June 11, 2018