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Whether you are a student, a professional interior designer, or a creative soul with a passion for decoration, you should create an interior design portfolio. An interior design portfolio is a collection of the work that you are most proud of. The portfolio provides potential clients and employers with insights into your way of working.

The objective of the interior design portfolio is to have the viewer wanting more after looking at your portfolio. Therefore, the portfolio should consist of only your best interior designs. It should moreover back up your qualifications and be self-explanatory, so that potential clients have a clear overview of your work.

When creating an interior design portfolio, three things are essential to focus on; the content you have created, how you present it, and the visual journey of your portfolio.


  • 1. Gather all your interior design content to build a digital portfolio

  • If you haven’t already got one, make a collection of all the work you’ve done. By categorizing your content, you’re making it manageable. Put all technical drawings, scribbles and sketches in one folder, and all of your finished interior designs in another.


    2. Compose your work in the best way visually

    Composing multiple designs to look good in your interior design portfolio can be challenging. This is due to the fact that interior designers usually work with different clients using various designs, shapes, and colors. How do you think the interior design of the hipster home with the blue couch will complement the penthouse with the fancy blanket? Probably not too well - but fear not.


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    Make sure the layout of your portfolio is consistent and that your work is in the center of the site. In this way, the mix of colors, designs and shapes can be used to your advantage; to showcase your diverse customer base.


    3. Showcase the process behind your interior designs

    Set up a page next to your designs that shows how you work. Explain how an idea turns into a concept, and back it up with sketches and initial designs.

    Describe what your client asked for versus what you delivered. In this way, potential clients get a chance to learn about you, and might even prepare their interior design vision to fit your workflow. When showcasing the process behind the projects in your portfolio, keep the pictures in a chronological order. This will make it easy for potential clients to envision the visual journey.


    4. Select your format for your interior design portfolio

    How are you going to present your interior design portfolio? If you’re old school, go with print and paper. If you’re modern, build a simple website that is specifically made to showcase your portfolio. A website makes it easy to take your visitors on a visual journey.


    5. Build a strong profile

    With more than 50.000 interior designers in the US alone, it is vital that you have an eye-catching first page that makes a great first impression, so that potential clients don’t move onto the next interior designer.

    Unless you’re the best interior designer in the world, your work unfortunately won’t speak for itself. Even if you are the best, it is still nice for potential clients to know who you are if they’re going to work with you. Therefore, include an introduction in your interior design portfolio. List relevant education, qualifications, experience in the field, and tell the readers why you are an interesting interior designer.


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    6. Show your interior design portfolio to the world

    Choose what you will, call yourself as an interior designer, and buy the domain. Launch your website showcasing your portfolio, and remember to keep your site updated with your most recent work, get feedback from friends and family, and generally maintain the site. Include your contact information, so it’s easy to get ahold of you when potential clients come across your interior design portfolio and want to do business with you.

    Written by OLIVER GUSTAV — June 11, 2018