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“Eos” Potpourri – Journey by Oliver Gustav

The Eos Potpourri from Journey by Oliver Gustav.

Follow in the weightless footsteps of the Goddess of Dawn on her early misty morning journey through the Aegean islands. With ease Eos will lead you along the freshness of burgeoning blossoms of Geranium through a fine sting of black pepper to the pleasing balsamic of amber.

Eos: Geranium, Morning, Mist

The potpourri consists of: one Icelandic lava stone and essential oil (30 ml) on iron pedestal.


“Eos” Potpourri – Journey by Oliver Gustav

Dimensions: Total H 10 cm
Pedestal dimensions: H 3 cm x w 12 x d 8 cm
**Please note the lava stone is unique and varies in look and shape.

The 30ml bottle of essential oil comes with the potpourri. Refill oils can be bought separately.

In Oliver Gustav’s creative sphere exists a wonderful and rare ensemble of colors, light, textures, and scents. His fascination with creating an immersive and holistic space has driven the development of our new fragrance collection.

Journey by Oliver Gustav potpourri, candles and atmosphère de chambre are now to be found in nine distinct and spellbinding scents. Find the entire scent collection here.


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