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“Olympia” Apothecary Jar Potpourri

The Olympia Apothecary Jar Potpourri from Journey by Oliver Gustav.

The softness of dusk after warm rainy showers. The gentle trace of pine and cedar. The passion of patchouli. Enveloping and delightful this scent leaves you dreaming in the clear, green leafy glade of an ancient fig grove.

Olympia: Green, Ficus, Rain

The potpourri consists of: 1000 ml apothecary jar filled with Icelandic lava stones and 100 ml Atmosphere de Chambre spray.


“Olympia” Apothecary Jar Potpourri

Dimensions: H 20 cm x Ø 10,5 cm

The 100 ml bottle of essential oils comes with the potpourri. Refill oils can be bought separately.

In Oliver Gustav’s creative sphere exists a wonderful and rare ensemble of colors, light, textures, and scents. His fascination with creating an immersive and holistic space has driven the development of our new fragrance collection.

Journey by Oliver Gustav potpourris in apothecary jar or on piedestal, candles and atmosphère de chambre are now to be found in nine distinct and spellbinding scents. Find the entire scent collection here.


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